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Wug Wonderland

14 Feb 2017 » puzzles

Here’s something a little different that I did for my sister and my brother-in-law for their shared birthday. It’s in the vein of a Duck Konundrum (see a list of them here), So, it’s not a puzzle per se, but rather a series of detailed instructions that give an answer at the end.

It was fun to write, albeit a little rushed, as I only had the idea about 2 weeks before their birthday. So, a few things could have been bit more refined and/or tested. But overall I’m pleased with the results.

Anyway, to play, grab three friends, print out the wugs, then cut them out on the lines. Each person should get a relevant page of instructions. Read carefully, write things down, and enjoy!


Instruction Sheets

A few notes:

  • My sister is a linguist, hence the wugs
  • My brother-in-law is a city planner, which is relevant to the answer
  • It’s probably not too hard to do on your own, but, you know, less fun